Critical Disability Discourses/Discours critiques dans le champ du handicap

York University’s Critical Disability Studies Graduate Student Association (CDSSA) is happy to welcome you to our annual graduate student journal, Critical Disability Discourses (CDD). CDD is a bilingual, interdisciplinary journal, publishing articles that focus on experiences of disability from a critical perspective.

CDD is sponsored by York University's Graduate Program in Critical Disability Studies. For more information about this program, please visit their website at:

The journal’s review board has consisted of students from York University, the University of Toronto, Laval University, McMaster University, and the University of Cambridge. This past year, we have been working tirelessly on our next issue, reviewing articles submitted from across North America and Europe.


CDD was conceived by, and is managed entirely by, graduate students, under the auspices of the Critical Disability Studies graduate program. Our objective is to create an academic space where graduate students might make valuable contributions to the expanding field of critical disability studies. In an environment where we are pressured by the mandate to publish or perish, and yet are given very few opportunities to compete successfully for space in journals, this journal is meant to facilitate an academic community and to provide a more promising opportunity to gain exposure for their work in the public sphere for people just beginning their careers.


Journal topics share in common a dedication to anti-oppression and social justice. It is the intention of the CDSSA to bring disability-related issues to mainstream scholastic conversations by promoting and publishing arguments that critically assess disabling social conditions. Discourse about disability is arguably not taken seriously enough in mainstream academic circles; without theoretical backing, it is difficult to effect social change. For CDD’s team, therefore, the journal might serve as part of a greater effort to bring disability to the table and to redress physical and attitudinal discrimination.



CDD/DCCH Volume 8


Volume 8 is now available online:     

Volume 8 est maintenant disponible en ligne:
Posted: 2018-01-04

Call For Papers/Appel de contributions: Appel de contributions - 8e édition


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Date limite de soumission: 27 février 2017

Dans cette 8e édition de Critical Disability Discourses/Discours critiques dans le champ du handicap (CCD/DCCH), notre équipe éditoriale aimerait revenir à la question fondamentale...

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Call For Papers/Appel de contributions: Volume 8


Call for Papers, Volume 8

Submission Deadline: February 27th, 2017

In this 8th iteration of Critical Disability Discourses/Discours critiques dans le champ du handicap (CDD/DCCH), our editorial team would like to return to the foundational question...

Posted: 2016-12-06 More...

CDD/DCCH Volume 7


Volume 7 is now available online:    

Volume 7 est maintenant disponible en ligne: 

Posted: 2016-09-03
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